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Clean Fill Dump Site

Call today about our clean fill dump site accepting tree debris, concrete, asphalt and other clean fill materials.

Adams Bros Materials Division Norwich Ohio Sand Gravel Mulch Rock Dirt Tools Supplies

Quikrete 5000

Quikrete 5000 Pro Finish High Strength

Quikrete 5000

Commercial Grade Concrete

We are now carrying Quikrete 500 - Pro Finish Concrete Mix
80 lbs. / bag.

Stone, Dirt & Fill

Zemba Bros Inc Materials 57 Gravel

#57 Gravel

Zemba Bros Inc Materials 8 Gravel

#8 Gravel

Zemba Bros Inc Materials 4 Gravel

#4 Gravel

Zemba Bros Inc Materials Mason Sand

Mason Sand

Zemba Bros Inc Materials Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand

Zemba Bros Inc Materials Oversize Rocks

Oversize Rock

Zemba Bros Inc Materials 57 Limestone

#57 Limestone

Zemba Bros Inc Materials 8 Limestone

#8 Limestone

Crushed 2s Stone Concrete

Crushed #2 Concrete

Crushed 304 Concrete

Crushed #304 Concrete

Zemba Bros Inc Materials 411 Limestone

#411 Limestone

Zemba Bros Inc Materials Limestone Screenings

Limestone Screenings




bulk black mulch

Bulk Mulch - Black

bulk brown mulch

Bulk Mulch - Brown

bulk red mulch

Bulk Mulch - Red

Bag Mulch Cypress Blend.JPG

Bag Mulch - Cypress

Bag Mulch Pine Bark Mini Nuggest.JPG

Bag Mulch - Mini Nuggets

Bag Mulch Pine Bark Nuggest.JPG

Bag Mulch - Pine Bark

Untreated Wood Chips

Bulk Untreated Wood Chips

Chemicals & Fertilizers

starter fertilizer

Starter Fertilizer

4 way turf seed

4 Way Turf Seed


Snapshot 25Lb

Round up 6.8lb

Round Up - 6.8 Lb

Round up 1.5oz

Round Up - 1.5oz

Conerstone Plus.JPG

Conerstone Plus

Ground Force Vegitation Killer.JPG

Vegetation Killer

Easy Straw Seed Mix Grass



Square shovel 24in handle

Square Shovel - 24" Handle

Pointed shovel 48in handle

Pointed Shovel - " Handle

Square shovel 48in handle

Square Shovel - 48" Handle

12 Aluminum Scoop

#12 Aluminum Scoop

10 tine fork

10 Tine Fork

5 tine fork

5 Tine Fork

24in spring rake

24" Spring Rake

24in poly rake

24" Poly Rake

30in poly rake

30" Poly Rake

16 tine bow rake

16 Tine Bow Rake

36in aluminum rake

36" Aluminum Rake

8 8 Tamper

8" x 8" Tamper

10 10 tamper

10" x 10" Tamper

6 cubic foot poly wheelbarrow

6 Cubic Foot Poly Wheel Barrow

pump sprayer

Pump Sprayer


Pro Paint Brushes Tools Sealer

Pro Brushes

Silicone Rubber Sealer Fill

Silicone Sealer

Safety Glasses Clear

Safety Glasses Clear

Safety Glasses Grey

Safety Glasses Grey

Rubber Nylon Gloves

Rubber Nylon Gloves

Mechanics Gloves

Mechanics Gloves

Zemba Materials Tru Fuel 40 1

TruFuel 40:1 Mix

Zemba Materials Tru Fuel 50 1

TruFuel 50:1 Mix

Poly Lock Trench Drain

PolyLock Trench Drains

Ada Sidewalk Pads

ADA Sidewalk Pads

Material Loading Available

Zemba Materials Loading Unloading Available 1

Zemba Materials Loading Unloading Available 2

Rock Salt

Zemba Bros Rock Salt Melt Snow Ice Melt Now

Halite Salt Crystals

We are selling Rock Salt for the 2017-2018 winter season

Seasonal pricing $5.25 /bag.
Blended ice melt $8.75/ bag.

Bird Seed

Zemba Bros Bird Seed

Bird Seed

It's cold outside, so don’t forget about your feathered friends.

Zemba Brothers Material Yard now carries bird seed - stop by and get carry out for your little feathered friends!